Connect with the resources to get s@#t done!
Trust comes quick and referrals are made quicker as a GeniusCorps member. GeniusCorps leverages the amazing power of our platinum application sponsor Podio as the landing pad for all of the connection made through GeniusCorps Catalysts and Engines of Innovative collaboration. GeniusCorps Connect empowers connectors and members to give quick access and referrals to the people, places and resources that help you grow.


Co-create with innovators from anywhere
Before and after the great excursions and events stay connected to fellow innovators by using GeniusCorps Connect’s Co-Creation platform to collaborate and learn with your projects in a private workspace.
Build your own innovative community – We’ll support you!
Agriculture, internet, energy, healthcare, etc… No matter what your innovation is or where you innovate, start a local Innovative community and GeniusCorps will support your events, marketing, connections and learning efforts.


Discover other communities, connectors, events and facilities of innovation.
Get to know you the existing innovative community with free days to innovative spaces in over 80 countries. A great way to expose yourself to the local innovative community and to stay connected whenever you travel.


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