GeniusCo Support Services

“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory.” 

— Nelson Mandela

20+ Years Refining Excellence

GeniusCo Support Services is the single support services company for the Freedom Nation and its holdings. GeniusCo is a 20+ year old technology and management firm that developed a consistent culture of pioneering new technologies and markets. The company’s growth and maturity is the product of a deep culture focused on the utilization of technology to enhance operational efficiency and to develop convergent innovations that enhance the competitiveness and the longevity of the organizations that are managed, founded or operated by emerging populations.

GIVING THE UNDERDOG POWER TO COMPETE is at the core of our mission and the founding of our company. Founded by a young Black American Visionary in 1996, GeniusCo maintains an embodiment of passionate experience and knowledge directed at providing world class consulting, management and services to Freedom Nation owned companies that do the same for their customers and citizens throughout all their projects.

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